Brad Pitt & Damien Quintard's Miraval Studios

October 11, 2022

Brad Pitt & Damien Quintard's Miraval Studios

Created as a "sanctuary for artists to come in and do their thing", Brad Pitt and French producer / engineer Damien Quintard of The Mono Company have just launched what must be one of the most spectacular recording studios in the world: Miraval

The huge site deep in the Provence district hosts the legendary, now reborn Miraval recording space, boasting HEDD TYPE 30 MK2 speakers and the HEDDphone® alongside a big selection of mouth-watering gear from some of the best brands there ever existed. Several editing booths for video and sound, a staggering collection of around 170-plus microphones, a reverb room and artist hang out conclude this dream of a creative space (and yea, there is a pool too ;). Given the rich history of Miraval Studios - the place where bands like Pink Floyd, Sade, ACDC, The Cure, Muse and many more have recorded in the 70s and 80s - one can understand Damien Quintard when he says:

We’re not here to just build a new studio: We’re here to honor a legacy."

HEDD is equally proud and thrilled to collaborate with Miraval, if you want to read the whole story, please take a look at Lyndsay Havens' amazing piece in the Billboard October 22 issue and watch the video below.

Many thanks and stay tuned! 

Photo: Hélène Hadjiyianni