Robot Koch: Sonic Wanderer between Music Production & Immersive Experiences

October 20, 2022

Robot Koch: Sonic Wanderer between Music Production & Immersive Experiences

When composer & producer Robert "Robot" Koch moved from Berlin to LA in 2014, he had already left a distinct mark in, and well beyond Germany’s electronic ambient scene: With unique music ever evolving between modern electronic elements and lush, intricately designed soundscapes made of field recordings, synths, and often tape experiments.

Because much of his musical output resonates so strongly with the visual and cinematographic arts, Los Angeles seemed like the perfect city for a fresh start. Subsequently, his works have been used on a whole variety of TV Shows, Movie Trailers, Films and Ads, enabling him to deepen his relationship with specifically immersive audio technologies. A major offspring of this new focus in his art is his full dome live show "Sphere", which won several awards and sold out in planetariums and festivals worldwide. It also won the German Music Composers Award in the category "Best Electronic Music“. Robert remixed Max Richter, Rammstein, and Christian Löffler, he worked with Grammy-nominated Conductor Kristjan Järvi and the Nordic Pulse Orchestra, and keeps performing live shows on such prestigious stages such as Coachella, Sonar, and Mutek.

As opposed to be working out of different studios within LA, Robert has decided to turn one room in his charming old house into a creative space. His sunny and nicely calm home studio in the LA hills is looking directly into the nature. A simple and inspiring setup centered around chosen outboard, instruments, tape players, and Ableton helps him to stay efficient and focussed, even when working under deadline pressure (which he actually enjoys!).

As a sophisticated and easy to carry monitoring solution, Robert has for a long time trusted HEDD TYPE 07 studio monitors and the HEDDphone®. Watch the video below and hear more about his fascinating sonic journey and the ways, in which our products help him in his process.