5 out of 5: Gearspace Pro Review of the Type 20 MK2

May 04, 2021

5 out of 5: Gearspace Pro Review of the Type 20 MK2

“High-quality hardware; high-quality sound. Good price/performance ratio.” Professional user Arthur Stone, a trusted source in pro-audio, shares his impressions of the HEDD Type 20 MK2 on Gearslutz

We highly recommend reading the review that compares the previous Type 20 with the new MK2. Arthur describes the new DSP-enhanced sound not only as “analogue-sounding”, but even particularly of the “good analogue” kind. Our new MK2’s sound is being described as sounding old-school captivating and providing a satisfying experience.

“There’s something reassuring about using gear and knowing that it is the best available; one less thing to be concerned about; a reliable tool that doesn’t distract from the focus on the art – whether that is studio work or leisure-listening.
The standout features of the HEDD Type-20 Mk2 are: reliable work-purposed professional capability; beautiful sound that is emotionally-engaging (music as it is meant to be heard); and, the ability to fine tune the Mk2’s response through the filters, port baffles, and Linearizer.After the buzz of the novelty and set-up is over, the Mk2’s soft curves and smooth satin patina disappear into the studio shadows and all that is left is a glorious soundstage.”

Handing in some work that was mixed on the Type 20 MK2 by the reviewer apparently needed no corrections according to the producer. We hope this was not a coincidence and it was indeed a positive correlation to the monitors used. 🙂

Ultimately, the pair was awarded a 5/5 score in all 4 categories – sound quality, ease of use, features, and bang for buck – and for overall score.

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