CanJam London

July 27, 2022

CanJam London

CanJam is the biggest international headphone event and this weekend it's coming to London!

HEDD will be exhibiting in partnership with RME and Zähl Elektrotechnik. Experience the best value in high-end cans (according to Ear Fidelity, see Battle of the Flagships) with a prototype of the brand new RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE and the highest end in analog amplification, HM1 by Zähl.

The new ADI-2/4 Pro does not have a product page yet. We were fortunate enough to pair it with a HEDDphone at the Superbooth 22 in May already. Visitors were left speechless by the increased power output and balanced 4.4mm connection. We will pair the HEDDphone with our matching HPC5 balanced cable at the show to impress even more visitors.

While RME has become known as one of the most advanced DAC manufacturers, Zähl is raising the bars in the analogue realm. In the past, we have proudly cooperated with the genius Michael Zähl and are blessed to do so again. The handmade HM1 is already being nominated as the best ever headphone amplifier. Certainly, it demands a healthy wallet, but there is no denying about the quality delivered. Learn more about the HM1 on CanJam's own Head-Fi forum here or visit the official product page.

Do not miss this high-end pro-audio "Made in Germany" booth!

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