New MK2 Firmware available!

February 24, 2023

New MK2 Firmware available!
The New MK2 Firmware Update is here, and it's BIG!

Dear HEDD Customer,

we hope that this email finds you super-well and that you keep enjoying your HEDD MK2 Studio Monitors. Today we are thrilled to let you know, that a brand-new Firmware is available for your speakers via the HEDD Access Tool V1.5. We highly recommend you to update as the new firmware is going to seriously boost the performance of your monitors!

The new Firmware in a nutshell:

improves the backing up of the speaker memory & settings for increased longevity
- implements better
overheating protection
improves the limiter function for clipping, distortion and protection of the drivers

To update your speakers, download the latest HEDD Access Tool (if you haven't yet) and follow the instructions. Should you have any questions around setting up the speakers or installation, the HEDD Support Team is here for you:

All the best,
Team HEDD Berlin