AES50 is an open standard based on the AES10 protocol (MADI) but has been developed much further. Published by the Audio Engineering Society AES, it enables point-to-point transport via routers (no switchers). AES50 offers extremely low latency as opposed to switchable systems which are relying on buffers. The protocol is based on OSI-Layer 1. A transmission of up to 48 channels with a latency of less than 0.5 ms, as well as samplingrates up to 384 kHz and even DSD are possible. While using the Cat.5 Cables, the protocol provides a seperate transmission of the wordclock, full-duplex transmission of the audio data as well as an transmission over aprox. 100 m. Because of its most obvious limitation (point-to-point transport), AES50 should not be regarded as a typical audio-network-protocol (despite its usage of networkcables).

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