RTP / Real-Time Transport Protocol

RTP (“Real-time Transport Protocol”) is a protocol based on OSI Layer 5. It was developed to transmit video and audio real time data via Ethernet. It can be seen as a combination of UDP (Layer 4) and IP / Layer 3. To avoid Jitter-related problems that occur when transmitting real time data via IP-networks, RTP works with adaptive buffer sizes, which change in relation to the transfer rate and jitter. As a consequence, the playback speed has to be changed in usually very small amounts. RTP offers transmissions with low latency, paket-related timestamps for jitter correction, and Sequence-number assignments for re-assemblig pakets (RTP itself does not care about the right order of data-pakets (also QoS is not considered). RTP can identifiy different Media-streams and is used in both, Dante and Ravenna.

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