Type 05 in one of Berlin’s top mastering studios!


Excited to see the HEDD Type 05 studio monitors in Sascha “Busy” Bührens Berlin-based mastering suite. “Busy” has worked with many of the most influential German (and international) Rap and Pop artists, among them Bilderbuch, Dendemann, Mark Forster, Paul McCartney, and Max Giesinger. In Busy’s own words: »I listened to them a while ago but never forgot how they where sounding. i knew then that they was the missing link for my speaker setup. after a while i finally received this beautiful pair, unboxed them put them right there, as close as i could dimmed the light and listen to my alltime favorite tune and there it was…the sound that still hangs in my ears. Welcome Beautys, Type 05, my new main nearfield Monitors!!! 1m distance to my sweetspot and 1m to clarity, punch and detail on my masters without comparing. Now we‘re talking 👏👍🔥 thx to HEDD Heinz Electrodynamic Designs for bringing a new sound experience into TrueBusyness Studios🙏«


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