8 Inch Subwoofer


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8" Subwoofer with DSP and 300W ICE Power amplification

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BASS 08, ultra compact subwoofer loaded with sound innovation

The very compact BASS 08 is HEDD's entry ticket to the world of high-end subwoofers. It is a perfect fit for our 2 way systems HEDD TYPE 05 MK2 and TYPE 07 MK2 as it expands their frequency range to 24Hz, adding depth and physicality to the sound. But despite being a great and modern subwoofer for all kinds of applications, it boasts some unique and very practical new features.

Connected to a pair of HEDD MK2 monitors, it is possible to build a completely linear phase Satellite-Subwoofer set-up, eliminating the typical smeariness that often occurs when speakers and subs are used without specific room treatment. And for all you sound control freaks, we even added a Satellite OFFSET control that helps to compensate for sound issues stemming from unideal positioning between monitors and subwoofer. Use it to add or subtract ± 2 m in satellite distance with respect to the sub location. 

Additional features include several X-over filters, making it possible for you to choose between different crossover points (incl. Home Cinema adaptable LFE), an LF mode that allows for bringing the BASS 08 even lower (20Hz!) at the cost of some overall SPL.

Analog and Digital AES connections are available in this compact and innovative powerhouse.




HEDD Lineariser®

By bringing our renown HEDD Lineariser® technology to the world of subwoofers, phase correction can be synched between HEDD MK2 monitors and HEDD's BASS subwoofer range to compensate for group delays. The result is fantastic clarity and an integrated sound experience between HEDD sub and satellites.

Closed or Ported

Like our monitors, HEDD subwoofers make use of a specifically designed bass ports that allows for a voluminous bass response with impressive extension. However, the subwoofers can transform into a functionally new design with the flip of a switch and the use of the included plugs. The newly introduced Closed operation mode benefits from the extensive research that went into our reference monitoring system, the HEDD Tower Mains. By sealing the bass ports, the BASS 08 steps to the next level of precision and accuracy.

Group Delay Compensation

To achieve true sound integration and system wide phase linearity between the MK2 monitors and BASS subwoofers, we created a tool that compensates for the longer group delay of the subwoofers. This let us literally wipe out the standard problems such as smeariness and disorientation that often are inherent in the use of traditional subwoofers.


Main Features

HEDD Lineariser®, CoP, GDC, LFE, var. phase and crossover

DSP Integration

Custom high-resolution 96 kHz / 32 Bit AD / DA converter


8" Woofer (2" voice coil)


300 W ICEpower amplification (85-264 V)

Frequency Range

24 Hz - 200 Hz (LFE: 19 Hz - 200 Hz)

Maximum SPL

105 dB SPL (sound pressure level) per unit at 1m


Analog (XLR / 22 kΩ) and Digital 2ch (AES / XLR)


Filtered Analog (XLR / 22 kΩ) and Digital AES pass-through

Dimensions and Weight

392 x 290 x 400 mm, 17 kg


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