HEDDphone Cable

HEDDphone Cable

€159.00 EUR

HEDDphone Cable

€159.00 inc. tax

The HEDDphone audio cable was designed to maintain every bit of detail and accuracy in a musical signal. The official HEDD Audio cable is the perfect partner for your HEDDphone® and is compatible with most headphone amplifiers.


Cable Length Connection
HPC1 (default) 220 cm unbalanced TRS 6.35mm
HPC2 220 cm balanced 4-pin XLR
HPC3 120 cm unbalanced TRS 3.5mm
HPC4 120 cm balanced TRRS 2.5mm
HPC5 120 cm balanced TRRRS 4.4mm

Premium Connections

Our HPC cables use premium Rean connections for high durability and longevity. The cables attaches via 4-pin mini-XLR to the HEDDphone and is available with 5 different terminations.

Custom Details

The cable has a textured coating for protection and a premium feel. The Y-split is customized and features our company's logo.

High-End Quality

We have designed the cable to have extremely low resistance. The cable has great shielding and variable terminations, and lengths for the highest compatibility.